Boulos Freres & Co. sal has been providing the Lebanese market with a innovative ideas and products whether in the consumer home electronics, the home appliances range, the real estate and in the tourism field.

Boulos Freres & Co. sal was founded in 1931 by the three brothers:

Mr. Joseph Elias Boulos
Mr. Boulos Elias Boulos
Mr. Fouad Elias Boulos
Historical Photos

The main business activity was initially the repair and sales of radios sets.

In 1935, Boulos Freres & Co. sal became the exclusive distributor in Lebanon for GELOSO radio and in 1940 local assembly started. The brand was discontinued in 1950.
Other brands distributed by Boulos Freres & Co. sal in the early experience included VEGA ELECTRONICS (Germany) from 1946 until 1959 and PYE ELECTRONICS (Great Britain ) from 1951 until 1958.
In 1957, the firm participated in the first television broadcast in Lebanon and became member of the board of directors of "The Compagnie Libanaise de Television", the first national Television Company in Lebanon.
In 1958, Boulos Freres & Co. sal became the exclusive distributors in Lebanon for the German GRUNDIG consumer electronics products.
In 1958, Boulos Freres & Co. sal became the exclusive agents of the Italian home appliances range INDESIT.

In 1967, The firm was the first to introduce color TV's in the market by locally modifying the existing Grundig Pal sets into Pal/Secam (CCIR 625 Lines) to comply with the Lebanese color system.
Aside from its main Business in the Electronic and Home appliances, the firm was very active in many other specialized fields, to name a few: Boulos Freres & Co. sal participated and won many tenders in the area of telecommunication. The Lebanese Navy was supplied with DECCA RADAR equipment and the first Radio-Taxi company in the Middle East was established as a subsidiary of Boulos Freres & Co. sal sal in the early sixties.
In 1963, Boulos Freres & Co. sal won the tender for the Central Bank and consequently supplied "Banque Du Liban" with complete american-made DIEBOLD alarm and physical security products.
In 1965, Boulos Freres & Co. sal became the major shareholder of "La Compagnie Libanaise du Telepherique et d'expansion touristique", the first and unique aerial ropeway "cable car" in Lebanon and the Middle East. It also includes restaurants and entertainment centers. This project was executed by the german PHB company.

The firm was also involved in real estate activities on its own account and as well within the framework of a leading firm in this field, namely SODECO, where Boulos Freres & Co. sal was a member of the board of Directors for many years.
In 1974, Boulos Freres & Co. sal started local assembly of Grundig Televisions with plans of constructing a 20,000 square- meter manufacturing plant in the Daroun-Harissa region. In 1975, war in Lebanon broke up and the plans for the manufacturing plant were dropped in 1980.

From 1993 until present:

For the last few years and following the start up of the re-construction plan set by our Lebanese government Boulos Freres & Co. sal has expanded their effort to the Hotel sector for two main reasons:
1- Over the years, Boulos Freres & Co sal has been highly recognized in the local market for its perfect service and solid experience in the electronics field. The hotels which were the first industrial sector to re-structure, were looking for a partner which can provide them with both excellent products and service. Boulos Freres & Co sal was there to meet that need and is of course committed to do so in the future.
2- Grundig developed in the early 90's a revolutionary interactive system which was successfully introduced to many hotels worldwide; today, with over 300,000 TV hotel rooms equipped with Grundig TV's. Boulos Freres & Co. sal have installed over 90% of the hotels in Lebanon since 1993 please check the reference list for more details. Boulos Frères and Co. once again proved that it sets forth new standards in the hotel industry.
In 1998, Boulos Freres & Co. sal won the tender for the new extension of Central Bank and consequently supplied once more "Banque Du Liban" with complete american-made DIEBOLD physical security products. This tender was mainly won because of thirty five years of satisfaction (in the old building), the confidence in Boulos Freres & Co.'s service and maintenance team and of course the quality of the products and the competetive price. The significance of the number and the caliber of the vault doors installed in the new building is unique in the Middle East and the world: Ten (10) Class 3 (the toughest security UL label) Vault doors of 5,000 Kg each have been successfully installed in one single building.

Mission Statement:
Our scope of work is to continue in the future, as we have accomplished in the past, to provide our clients and suppliers, long term commitments, with innovative, top quality products and most importantly to complement these products with continuous, excellent after sales service and support.

Current Exclusive Representations:
GRUNDIG - Consumer home electronics (Germany) since 1958
DECCA - Radars (Great Britain) since 1960
DIEBOLD - Banking Products (USA) since 1960


Mail Address:
Head Office:
Telephone :
Fax :
Web page:
P.O. Box 1656, Beirut, Lebanon
Damascus road, Hazmieh Blvd., Boulos Frères Bldg
05-452-332 / 459-932 / 450-193

Bankers : Banca Di Roma , Saradar, BNPI, Societe Nouvelle de la Banque De Syrie et Du Liban.
Capital : 400,000,000 Lebanese Pounds.

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