The real advantage is in the way they're made.

The doors achieve their listings using a special Diebold-formulated fibrous concrete compound and interlocking steel reinforcement. The vault door is finished in fine grain, satin finish stainless steel with aluminum trim. An optional cladding style is available. Both class I and II doors are more than 10" (254mm) thick overall. The different ratings are achieved through variations in the composition of the doors . Both classes of doors present a level of strength unequaled in other types of construction in their classes.

Stainless steel bar locks for full-height engagement.
Lock- in protection increases confidence.
The ventilator is built right in.
Locking design ensures proper time lock operation.
Intelligent construction minimizes cost , maximizes security.

The massive door that's passed the tests .

Select a door that's either 36 " (914mm) or 52" (1321mm) wide . Either door will present an image of strength to customers and an impressive deterrent to would-be attackers.
This new generation door is more than image. Built using a Diebold- formulated high- tensile-strength material, this 16" ( 406mm) thick door contains thousands of interlacing steel fibers that help deaden the effect of impact tools, plus layers of steel reinforcement that impede sawing or drilling.
These unique security features have enabled the door to pass a series of performance tests conducted by underwriters laboratories.
Depending on your security needs , you can choose a door with a class II ( one- hour) or a class III ( two -hour) UL listing.

Affordable fire and burglary protection.
The Strong room door successfully combines a level of protection against burglaries and fire ( Manufacturer's class 350- 45 minute rating)

Protection against Attacks by tools and troches

A steel fiber-reinforced concrete composite core protects against attacks by common and electrical tools and cutting torches, such as chisels, punches, power saws, coring drills, oxy-fuel cutting torches and more.

40" DOOR:

Door size and weight :
1,016mm ( 40 inches ) wide x1,980mm
(78 inches) high, weighing 467 kg
(1,038 pounds)
Overall frame size :
1,283mm (50.5 inches ) wide and
2,121 mm ( 83.5 inches ) high

Composite core :
16-gauge painted steel shell filled
90mm thick (3,5 inches) .


  • UL- listed relocking device.
  • Qualifies for class "B" Mercantile Burglary Insurance rating.
  • Ten 11/16" (17mm) diameter live bolts - five on each side of the door.
  • Emergency release mechanism.
  • Right of left swing.
  • Equipped with UL- Listed Group 2, three- tumbler, key- changeable combination lock.

UL fire- resistive labels.

One- Hour . will withstand fire reaching 1,700 F (927 C) for one hour , keeping the interior temperature below 350 f (177 C).
Two-Hour. Will withstand fire reaching 1,850 F ( 1,010 C) for at least two hours , with interior temperature not exceeding 350 F( 177 C), during and after exposure.
Four -Hour. Will withstand fire reaching 2,000 F( 1.093 C) for at least four hours , with interior temperature not exceeding 350 F (177C) , during and after exposure.
Six-Hour. Will withstand fire reaching 2,150 F (1,177 C) for at least six hours , with interior temperature not exceeding 350 F ( 177 C) , during and after exposure.